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7 Great Ways to Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms such as negative thoughts, fears and worries dominate many people’s lives.  It often has a negative effect on both mental and physical health.  It makes it harder to be successful, happy and fulfilled in life. Anxiety often comes from worrying about uncertain situations in our lives.  We fear that something bad might happen and this fuels fear and anxiety. I believe that the opposite of anxiety is confidence.  If you really believe that you can handle the situation or person to the best of your ability, then you can achieve peace and eliminate anxious thoughts and feelings. To help...

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The 9 Most Common Stumbling Blocks to Success

It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t want to succeed. However, success can be elusive, because there are many obstacles that can get in the way. These obstacles aren’t show-stoppers, but they can greatly decrease progress. These obstacles are there to test your resolve and to prove that you can do what it takes to be successful. The first step is awareness of these obstacles, so I have identified the 9 most common stumbling blocks to success. 1. Not doing what it takes The most successful people in the world do a lot more than the average person does. They work harder but also smarter. You may...

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8 Serious Reasons to Develop Your Sense of Humour

A good sense of humour benefits you in multiple ways. From enhancing your health and brain, to improving your social life and mood. Laughing and smiling may seem like insignificant activities but they are actually really important. Let’s go through the advantages of having a sense of humour: 1. Improved Health Laughing more reduces the frequency of becoming ill. Laughing strengthens your immune system and lowers your blood pressure too. That’s good for your brain and heart and could mean less money spent on medical expenses. 2. More Attractive Who doesn’t like to laugh? People who laugh easily make...

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The 9 Ways to Stop Being Easily Offended

Some people have a thick skin and are rarely offended by anything. Others are so sensitive that literally everything someone does is offensive to them. Having a fragile ego or a truly unrealistic need for perfection can cause you to become easily offended. The good news is that you are in charge of your emotions. So you can change. Here’s how: 1. Assume positive intentions We’re human after all. So sometimes things come out wrong and what we say isn’t exactly what we mean. The best way to get around this is to assume that everyone has the best...

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The 8 Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude

Life can be challenging. However, it’s your attitude that has the most effect on how you deal with these challenges. Attitude is also the best predictor of success. So if a positive attitude is tied so securely to success, why would you even contemplate having a negative one? It doesn’t make sense. So if you are still unsure, here’s a list of some of the biggest benefits of having a positive attitude. 1. Better intepretation of events We all come across obstacles in our lives. Your attitude is what decides how you interpret them. If you have a positive attitude you’ll...

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