Nobody said that life was a piece of cake. Sometimes, all kinds of problems can be thrown your way and things don’t always work out the way that you intended them to. At one point or another, we will all experience this. What really matters in the end is how you react and respond to your problems.

A lot of people make their problems harder to deal with. Negative reactions can make the problem worse, and it could end up taking longer to deal with the issue and recover from it.

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You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they react to challenges in their lives. Believe it or not, the people around you will notice your reaction. Do you want to be a role model or do you want to let your problems destroy you?

Fortunately, you can make the whole process of dealing with tough times less painful if you follow these strategies:

1.Remember that you have more options than you realise.

It may not seem like it at the time, but as one door closes, another door will open.  You may feel that you’re at the end of your rope and that you have no way out, but part of the challenge is to see past that and find hope. You still have choices that you can make, even if they are limited. Exercise that free will and try to hold back from simply reacting out of panic.

2. Be grateful for what you already have.

This may seem cliché, but even if, say, your business is going under, this doesn’t mean that you have nothing in the world of value. You probably have people who love you and care about you, and you probably still have an intact, fully-functioning body. Even if you don’t, some of the best things in life don’t require any effort at all. Take some time to go out in nature and get a sense of the real abundance that’s available to you.

Think about the most fortunate thing you’ve had happen to you this past year, even if it’s small. How about this past month? Is there anyone in your life who means a lot to you? Whenever you wake up in the morning, write down at least a dozen things that you’re grateful for in your life that bring you value. These positive thoughts will help you to remain in the best state of mind to solve your problems.

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Stop focusing only on what doesn’t work and quit complaining to people about it. All this does is drive you crazy!

3. Spend most of your time on the solution, not on the problem.

A lot of people spend too much time focusing on the negative and feeling frustrated with it, and this is pretty normal, but it’s far from ideal. Just do your best to find the first quick-and-dirty solution that you can. It doesn’t have to be an elegant masterpiece of logistical genius, it just has to work in practice. By all means, give it some thought, but make a decision as quickly as you can and move forward, otherwise you could be taken over by the “paralysis of analysis”.

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4. Put your chosen solution into practice.

Let’s say your business is suffering a loss of sales. Somethings you might try could be:

Quickly putting together a promotional deal for customers.

Hiring a consultant to learn how to market yourself better.

Testing your prices by lowering them to see if this increases sales.

Raising your prices to make up the loss in revenue, so long as this doesn’t cause a significant further drop in sales.

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Send out a survey to your list of customers to try to ascertain what went wrong.

5. Try to stay upbeat.

It may be hard, but many times staying upbeat superficially will help you to remain confident. It will also keep the people around you positive and resourceful. Try not to get too emotional if you can help it.

6. Don’t neglect those who are important to you.

Remember that your family is there for you, and that it is better if you open up to them and continue to have a connection with them through these hard times, rather then closing yourself up and keeping people at arm’s length. Human interaction will also help you feel better.

7. Let go of all of the physical tension.

That feeling of stress and tension will usually be concentrated in your chest, so take a long breath and picture in your mind a door or a window that is opening and letting all those negative feelings out.

8. Thank everyone when the crisis is solved

If you thank people, they’re that much more likely to be behind you the next time.

Everyone faces hard times in their lives, so experiencing these sorts of situations from time to time isn’t something you’re going to be able to avoid, unless you live an extremely privileged existence. The best you can do is not panic and try to approach these issues objectively. By not getting emotional or giving up, not only will you better solve your problems, but you will earn honor and respect from other people as well.

To your success

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