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What is a big goal? I would define a big goal as something like starting a new business, changing career or losing a significant amount of weight. It’s any goal that is going to be life-changing for you and is probably going to take months or possibly years to achieve.

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So here are 7 ways to help you achieve a Big Goal.

1.  Measure your Progress

With a big goal, the reward doesn’t come until you’ve either completed the goal or you’re close to the finish line. You need some steps along the way so that you know you’re going in the right direction. This involves breaking down a large goal into smaller steps and giving yourself a reward when you achieve each step.

2. Perseverance

Perseverance is the ability to keep going when the result is not immediate.  This is often the case with larger longer term goals. Having a clear vision for the end result really helps with this.  Also by measuring your progress (as mentioned in step 1) you will enjoy seeing the completion of the smaller steps.  This will help you to continue to persevere.

Achieving Big Goals

3.  Flexibility

This is the flexibility to change tack. If you continue doing the same thing, you’re likely to continue getting the same result. Measure your progress and be prepared to change when a different approach is required. Have that flexibility to try different things, but always keeping your end goal in mind, so you don’t go off track.

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4.  Quieten the Noise

When attempting something that is new, or that stretches your comfort zone, your unconscious mind will try and protect you.  It can do this with negative self-talk, or by questioning why you’re doing this big goal, or questioning the work involved.

Sometimes you will want to quieting that noise, by telling your internal dialogue to stop or by just ignoring it and just focusing on your goal and dream.  The same goes with negative feelings such as lack of motivation.

You have a choice over which thoughts and feelings to listen and/or pay attention too.

5. Daily Habits

This is a big one!  It involves taking consistent action on your goal every day. First thing in the morning can be a great time.  You’re fresh and there are less distractions.  That’s when I take the most action on the big things in my life. I think it’s a great way to start the day.

Most people tend to overestimate the number of things they need to do in a day and underestimate what they can achieve in the longer term.

Initially, you need qualities such as motivation, perseverance and tenacity to get going. However, as you keep going, it will start to become a habit and then less motivation, perseverance or tenacity is required. Once you get into the habit of working on a particular goal it becomes easy to do the work involved consistently.


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6.  Patience

Big goals rarely go to plan and sometimes they take a bit longer than you would want them to take.   Therefore, it is important to accept and be grateful for where you are now. With patience comes calmness and clear-headedness, two things you really want when you’re working on big goals.

7.  Never Give Up!

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before, never give up. Often that’s the difference between success and failure.  The people that fail simply give up, often extremely close to achieving the goal. Never give up.

So there are my seven tips for achieving big goals. I hope you have great success applying these strategies to the big goals you have in your life right now.

To your success