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On the road to success, you are very likely to hit obstacles and adversity.  This is part of life and is what helps you learn and grow.  To make this easier and less frustrating for you, I have identified 10 wonderful ways to help you overcome obstacles and adversity in your life.

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1. Take Responsibility for Obstacles and Adversity

When obstacles appear it can be very tempting to blame someone else. However, when you do this, you are relinquishing control.  You are effectively saying, I have no power to change this.   However, you have more control than you think.  So instead, look at what you can control and take responsibility for that situation.

2. Control Negative Thoughts

When things are not going so well, many people have a tendency to starting thinking negatively about the situation. When this happens, mentally say the word ‘stop’ and then immediately change that into a positive thought.

Another thing you can do is question the negative thought. If the thought is “I always have difficulties,” question that thought, particularly the word ‘always’. Find the exceptions.  Notice the times when you don’t have difficulties and focus on these instead.

3. Focus on Solutions

Focus on what you want. It is very easy to focus on what’s going wrong. That won’t help.  Instead, get back on track and focus on the solution. Remind yourself of why you want this goal in the first place and focus on the end result.

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One of the foundations of the Law of Attraction is to continually focus on what you want.  Thoughts are energy and like energy attracts like energy. So focusing on what you want will help the manifesting process as well.

4. View the Obstacle or Adversity as a Test

This is an excellent way to look at the problem differently.  Maybe it’s a sign that you need to grow or learn in some way. Or perhaps, overcoming this will give you the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to move onto the next step.  So think of this as a test, a lesson or a learning opportunity,

5. Talk it over with someone

Talking about the obstacle or adversity with someone else can be a great idea. This could be a friend, colleague, therapist or coach. Often we get so engrossed in the problem that we “can’t see the wood from the trees”.  Another person can and that’s why this can be very helpful. Find someone that can give you some advice and point you in the right direction. Alternatively, perhaps all you need is someone that will listen and help you get the issue off your chest and move on.

obstacles and adversity

6. Relax

Relaxing feels great!   However it also gives your intuition a chance to speak. Ever wondered why your best ideas come up whilst in the shower?  The hot water forces your body to relax. This has happened countless times for me.

When you’re relaxed, the mind is not really thinking about much.  That is when intuitive thoughts and insights come into your awareness.  This could be the solution or something you can do that’s going to help.
obstacles and adversity

7. Focus on what you can control

Sometimes certain things are outside of your control. However, you can often control more than you think. Focusing on the things you can control reduces anxiety and gives you a sense of confidence that you’re in control of the situation.

8. Look after yourself

When things get tough, remember to continue to eat well, sleep well, and do some exercise.  Looking after yourself will keep you on top form!  This is so important when times are tough.

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9. Visualize the end point

Remind yourself that this is temporary.  When you look back at other difficult times, you will find that these are often temporary. Visualize what you want instead. Visualize the outcome, the successful outcome of that situation.  If you struggle with visualization, check out the latest Digital Vision Board Software.

10. Keep Going

Keep plugging away and learning from the experience. In a short time, good times will come your way again.  The key is to keep moving forward and never quit!

I hope you found these tips on overcoming obstacles and adversity educational, inspiring and useful.   If you did, please leave a comment below.

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