In this article, I will discuss the top 10 misconceptions about success and reveal the truth! – This article might well change some of your limiting beliefs about success.

Successful people achieve success by developing good habits and taking effective action. You can achieve anything with enough time and focus.  However, some people believe that there are other requirements for success that cannot be met by the average person.  These are misconceptions and I’m going to help you learn to identify and remove these misconceptions, so that you can achieve the level of success that you deserve.

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So let’s get started!

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1. Success can only be achieved alone

This is rarely the case today. Most people who are successful have a coach or mentor to help them. You would struggle to find a millionaire that didn’t have a mentor.  Successful people also learn from other people by reading books or attending training courses.  You can try to go it alone, but it will really slow down your progress and increase your frustration.

2. You need a certain personality trait to be successful

You might believe that you need to be one of those aggressive, type-A sales type personalities to be successful or have an extremely extrovert and confident personality. It’s just not the case.  There are many highly introverted people who became very successful.

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One that springs to mind is the musician Mike Oldfield. When the Tubular Bells album came out in the late 70s, he was so shy that he did minimal publicity. However, the album still went on to be incredibly successful.

There are many introverted people who make money on the internet, and hardly talk to anyone. They keep quiet and just get on with it!  It’s definitely possible to be highly successful with any kind of personality trait.

3. Success requires luck

Successful people tend to generate the most luck because they create more opportunities to be lucky. They take more action, which increases their chances of a lucky break.  By taking effective action consistently, more opportunities come to them, so they come across as being more lucky. Actually, they’re no more lucky than anyone else. They’re just creating the opportunities to be more lucky.

misconceptions about success

4. You need an original idea

Some people have become very successful by having an original idea, but these people are in the minority.  There are many people who are successful buying and selling real estate, or doing other activities that many people have done in the past.  You just need to do these activities a little bit better or differently to everyone else.

5. Success is determined at birth

It’s commonly thought that successful people were born into the right family or went to a certain school.  I did some research on this and found out that around 75% of recent millionaires came from a poor background. It was their strong desire to get away from being poor that gave them the motivation to achieve success.

So your background, where you went to school, your level of education doesn’t matter. You will find plenty of examples of people who never finished school who became very successful.

6. Successful people end up alone

When you are very successful, you have access to many opportunities to socialize. So many, you’ll probably have to turn some of them down. Successful people generally have a lot of friends, and they’re fun people to be around. There are lots of people who want to learn from them and experience what they’ve learned.  You can have all the social life you could wish for when you’re successful.

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7. Success requires an extreme amount of time

Now, it’s true that to be successful, you need to dedicate time to important activities.  In the short-term you may need to prioritize work over some other activities.  However, by working smart, it is possible and quite doable to be successful without working exceptionally long hours.  The key is to spend time on the most important activities and to know what these activities are.

8. Successful people never make mistakes

Truly successful people make a lot of mistakes, probably more mistakes than people who have failed. By making mistakes and learning from them, you will achieve success.  Successful people make lots of mistakes. It’s part of their journey.  Take a lot of action, make lots of mistakes, then make corrections and you’ll be on the fast road to success.

9. Success is Complicated

Some people are successful by being very intelligent.  They become doctors, engineers or brain surgeons.  However, most success comes from realizing what works, and just doing the same over and over again. It’s more about measuring your success and having the flexibility to change.  Success is more about being persistent rather than brilliant.


10. It’s too late

You can be successful at any time of your life, as soon as you make a decision to do that. If you come up with goals and dreams later in life, you can still be successful. Being older actually has an advantage, because you have more wisdom, more knowledge and more tenacity. You’ve already achieved some success in your life already. So success actually gets easier with age.

I hope I have busted some myths and changed some beliefs that you have around success. The truth is that anyone with the focus and determination to be successful can and will be successful.