Could a victim mentality be preventing you from living your best life? Do you feel that others are always doing things to you that keep you down? It’s very easy to fall into the trap of feeling hurt by others, but you can overcome it.

The victim mentality can affect your family, work and other relationships. It can influence your ability to succeed at anything. It can also trap you in a cycle of unhappiness and pain.

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On the other hand, when you do take responsibility for your situation, then there’s a way you can turn it around, so that you gain back the power to have more control over your circumstances.

Here are some practical ways to stop playing the victim role and gain control of your life again:

1. Acknowledge that being a victim isn’t really that great.

It sucks up all of your emotional and mental energy because you spend all of your time and resources on indignation instead of finding a solution. It can also make you blind to the fact that things might actually not be as bad as they seem.

Thinking of yourself as a victim all but insures that you’re not living your life well. You become obsessed with your own suffering and often lose awareness of everything else.

2. Don’t play the damsel in distress.

When you feel like a victim, it may be all too easy to expect someone to rescue you without your having to do anything, even if it’s a much better long-term solution for you to learn to solve your own problems.

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If you’re the kind of person who isn’t too proud to do this, you might call on others to take you out of your situation. Family and friends can be a great support during trying times, but don’t expect them to solve your problems for you.

Many times, a person who is playing the victim will feel that another person in their life is “the key” to changing their emotional state, if only that person would cooperate. The fact of the matter is, only you have control over your own thoughts and emotions. It’s important to recognize your inner courage and use it to change your mentality. You don’t need another person to take over your life.

3. Even if others are to blame, just take responsibility for your issues anyway.

This doesn’t mean you’re at fault, it just means that no one else is going to get you out of your situation except you.

Just with the very act of being responsible for a situation, you will begin to slowly erode this self-image of a “helpless victim.” You can then begin to realize your own power in your life.

4. Practice daily meditation.

Without performing regular meditation, it’s hard to understand how it can alter the lens with which you view your life. Not only does it make you feel calm, but it can help you to be more alert and objective. This can help you rid yourself of that feeling of victimhood.


Meditation helps you gain a “bird’s eye view” of the situation. It helps you zoom out so that you can view the problems in your life with their proper perspective instead of getting caught up in the drama. Instead of simply reacting to situations, meditation can help you become more thoughtful.

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You can change entire thinking patterns with meditation, especially negative ones.

Meditation is essentially the practice of learning to notice your own thoughts. This will help you identify the thoughts that serve you and will teach you to slowly rid yourself of the thoughts that harm you and make you feel like a victim.

5. Find different ways to relieve the stress in your life.

While meditation can certainly help with this, you might want to try other strategies. For example, jogging, weight-lifting, listening to music, hiking in the woods, and taking up a relaxing artistic hobby can help.

Having control over your inner level of stress gives you control over your life in general. You will be more resilient and less liable to be a victim of other people’s manipulations.

Remember that you don’t have to give up your power to other people. You always have a choice, and you can make the choice to create a better life for yourself. Hopefully, these methods can start you on that road today.

To your success