It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t want to succeed. However, success can be elusive, because there are many obstacles that can get in the way. These obstacles aren’t show-stoppers, but they can greatly decrease progress. These obstacles are there to test your resolve and to prove that you can do what it takes to be successful.

The first step is awareness of these obstacles, so I have identified the 9 most common stumbling blocks to success.

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1. Not doing what it takes

The most successful people in the world do a lot more than the average person does. They work harder but also smarter. You may think that success is simple, but unless you go the extra mile, you are unlikely to fulfil your goals.

If you’re not known for your work ethic, the solution might be to simply do more. Formulate a smart approach, and aim to outshine your competitors. Rise above the competition and achieve your goals effortlessly.

2. A lack of consistency

You can’t practice once a week and expect to become a virtuoso pianist. Your efforts must be consistent to achieve the success you want. Create daily habits and stick with them.  Measure your consistency as well as your progress. Notice how they correlate.

Consistency is The Key written on a notepad with marker.

3. Having too many goals

Achievers believe that “you cannot serve two masters at the same time.” Handling too many goals may result in spreading yourself too thin. Focus on a maximum of 2 or 3 goals at once.  Once you have achieved these goals or got some momentum, you can start to focus on other goals.

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4. Not having clear objectives

If you’re uncertain about what you want, your results will be limited. Be super clear about your goals and get to know all the details.

  • Do you have your goals written down?
  • How will you know when you have accomplished them?
  • Can you clearly define your goals without having to think about them?
  • Could you rattle your goals off to another person?

Make sure you can answer “Yes” to all these questions.

5. Limiting beliefs

Doubt and uncertainty can really derail your success. Negative thoughts will give you negative results. Keep your thoughts and expectations positive.

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When you think about a big goal, what are your thoughts?

  • Do you feel motivation or a sense of dread?
  • Is your internal dialogue positive or negative?
  • Do you really believe you can be successful?
  • Do you believe you can be highly successful?
  • What’s stopping you from being the most successful person you know?

Asking yourself these questions can be very powerful.

6. Neglecting expert’s advice

Someone else has already accomplished what you want to achieve. Keep this in mind,  These people can help you take the shortest path to reach your dreams.

7. Taking shortcuts

Most successful people work hard to reach their goals.  They don’t take any shortcuts. However, they also know how to work smarter. Skipping steps can lead to disaster. Success is accomplished one step at a time.  Focus on the long term.

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Focus on the goal, not obstacles

8. Not being flexible

Be attached to your outcome, but not to the process. If you realise that approach A is not working, shift to approach B. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result!

9. Fear

Fear is the biggest stumbling block to success. Be it fear of failure, fear of success, fear of criticism or any other fear. Determine the cause of your fear and find the best way to overcome it. Lack of motivation, forgetfulness, tiredness and procrastination are some of the symptoms of fear.

To Sum up

Be certain on your goals and put in the necessary effort and time to be successful. Address any limiting beliefs and fears before they affect you significantly. The stumbling blocks to success can be overcome or avoided. Ensure your success by educating yourself about the potential barriers in your way.

To your success