Do you have a Type-A personality? People with a Type-A personality tend to be driven, focused on results, and hate to waste time. These people can be challenging to be around, but they also find the rest of us quite frustrating. They’re operating in a different world. These self-motivated people are rarely at peace, but have the ability to get things done and to change the world.

You might have a Type-A personality if:

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1. You do everything quickly and with purpose.

Whether you’re walking to the car, eating lunch, or shopping, you know where you’re going and you’re not going to waste any time getting there.

2. You’re stressed more than most other people you know.

Type-A people get a lot done, but they’re stressed. The tremendous emphasis that they put on efficiency and results would stress anyone. You’re more likely to suffer a mental breakdown or to have a heart attack.

3. The need for Perfection

The need to do everything perfectly is a common trait of those with Type-A personality. Imperfections bother you like ants in your pants!

4. You live and die by your to-do list.

Type-A folks believe in using time efficiently. If you have a big to do list and refer to it frequently, you might have a Type-A personality. How stressful would it be to lose your to-do list? Your answer tells the whole story.

5. You love being the focus of attention.

All that dedication and work can’t go unnoticed. You thrive on recognition, winning and being different to everyone else.

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6. Incompetent people irritate you.

Why can’t Mark polish his shoes properly? And why does the cashier count so slowly? It’s all quite exasperating.

7. You have superior focus.

The tasks you have to complete are so important to you that it’s easy to keep your focus. Anything else is secondary. You could teach a Buddhist monk a thing or two about focus, and you’ll make a million dollars while you’re doing it.

8. It’s challenging for you to relax.

With an ambitious schedule and only 168 hours in a week to squeeze it all in, how can you possibly relax? Every minute counts and if you could find a way to create more than 24 hours in a day, you would!

9. You don’t procrastinate.

You have hundreds of important things to do that can’t possibly wait! While the rest of the world is watching Game of Thrones, you’re taking care of business.

10. You struggle to fall asleep at night.

If it’s difficult to relax, it’s difficult to sleep. You’re probably lying in bed beating yourself up for only getting 27 of the 30 items on your to-do list completed. However, you could get up and knock them out. It’s only 2 AM and “sleep is for wimps!”

11. You’re highly successful.

If you’re a Type-A personality, you’re probably already quite successful. You have a purpose, boundless energy, and the ability to get things done. This is well-rewarded in Western civilisation.

Do you recognise any of these symptoms in yourself? Is your partner lurking in this list? Those with Type-A personality might not have a lot of time to give you, but they don’t require much from you either. They’re too busy! Type-A personalities are a force unto themselves.

Don’t worry if many of these apply to you.  Quite a few actually apply to me too.  Awareness is the key and by being aware of these traits you can consciously start doing things differently.  Just remember to add this to your to do list first 🙂

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To your success